Dec 03

The fintech that give credits were not saved

The brake that the credit had in recent months not only affected the banks but was also perceived in the fintech that are dedicated to online loans. In general, the offer fell to the rising risk.

In recent months,  credit has collapsed due to both supply constraint and lower demand.  In addition,  there was an increase in default,  which in consumer loans reached 5.4%. The situation went through the entire financial system and most of the fintechs that are giving loans were also affected.

In Moni they recognized a restriction in the financing offer. “In general, fintech  reduced the speed of origination  by a decision related to credit risk, rather than lower demand. We diminish the origination of new clients but  we maintain the delinquency  in the levels of the last 18 months ”, affirmed  Juan Pablo Bruzzo , founder of the company.

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