The future of money: the end of cash?

In almost everyone, with a few exceptions, monetary transactions are increasingly digital. While bills and coins remain popular in many countries and regions of the world, including the United States,... read more →

Smart uses for the Christmas bonus

When possible, this extra money that comes with the holidays should be used wisely, proposes. December is usually the month with more activities, meetings and expenses. It is time to... read more →

Best employers 2019

We are proud to tell you that Ixpandit Fintech Factory integrates the ranking made by Apertura Magazine who recognizes the 35 best employer companies in Argentina that have less than... read more →

Matías Friedberg interview

Matías tells us more about  in an exclusive interview for Café Financiero.  

New design, more benefits

We renew the design of our website and adopt the motto "Come on, the day is today". As always, we offer you an online advance by CBU with automatic review of... read more →

Fintech Program

The University of San Andrés, together with the Argentine Chamber of Fintech, organizes the Fintech Program. This course will be given in 8 hours a week, from 9 a.m. to... read more →